How We Work

It all starts with a phone call. During our initial conversation, we will discuss what you spaces you want to work on, what problems you need to solve, what goals you have in terms of budget, and how involved you want to be. 

We begin with an in-home design consultation, which may be all the direction you need or may lead fluidly to a fixed-fee package. We have created several flexible service options to fit different project levels and budgets.

Design Consultation

Our initial design consultation is in your home for up to two hours. This consultation may cover one room extensively or spaces throughout your home. It may be helpful to have a prioritized list of what you would like to accomplish. 

If you are planning to “do-it-yourself” and are mostly looking for guidance and advice, we may use this time to select paint colors, offer suggestions for rearranging your furniture and accessories, review sizes and colors of purchases you are considering, talk about artwork placement, and offer window covering ideas. 

If you plan on some renovations or a larger project, we may use this time to help you figure out a budget, discuss the project on a deeper level, and take measurements to move forward with our fixed-fee package.

Fixed-Fee Package

Our packages and fees are based on the project, the level of your involvement, the scope of the work, and the level of service you request. We can provide a basic design concept plan, full service design, or anywhere between the two. 

For example, your project may include floor plans, illustrations of window treatments with fabric selections, and a list of ideas for furniture purchases that you handle through retail stores. Or, you may request a full design plan that incorporates family heirlooms with new furnishings and window treatments that we design and install for you. So every package is tailored to your specific project and budget.