I’ve been a client of JRL Interiors for over fifteen years now. Janet has helped me to decorate four homes! Her eye for detail, her remarkable visual memory, and her unerring sense of color, texture, and scale have improved every space that I have lived in. When we bought a new house Janet helped to design and furnish the entire space. The result is stunning. Janet has been a delight to work with and I have referred her to countless friends who have the same experience.
— S. Rheault
We have used JRL for many projects since the late 1980s. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They have a remarkable ability to take my style (which has changed over the years) and adapt and improve it so that my amateur efforts turn out to be professional and beautiful. Their emphasis has been on comfort and practicality combined with visual beauty. The rooms that they have designed for us are favorites...the colors and fabrics, textures and embellishments have been wonderful, and they have taken into consideration our budget and needs. I would say that their strengths are color, combining textures and patterns, and room layouts. We have had JRL do custom furniture, window decor, paint and wallpaper, kitchen and bath design....just about everything. We will use them again!
— P. Burns
I live in a house built in the late 1600s, that was in pretty rough shape when we bought it in 1984. I have tried many different decorators. Since I started working with Janet over 15 years ago, the house has been transformed. She is able to help me blend the old with the new to bring about a warm, beautiful, and inviting atmosphere. Many people comment on the warmth of the house. She gets my taste but I have seen her do beautiful work with more modern structures as well. The contractor that I work with said that he had never worked with a “decorator” with her level of knowledge about how the construction and the decorating come together. I have recommended her to many friends who have then recommended her to other friends. Her “touch” is obvious without the feeling of being over “decorated.
— JJ
I hired JRL to redecorate our 20 room farmhouse; I had experience working with Janet and friends in the past and enjoyed the whole experience. It was a joy working with you … the communications were excellent at all times. I was also impressed by how well you worked with other professionals that were doing different jobs at the same time; you are the best!
— S.G. Brown
Working with Janet completely changed the way that I live in my home.... Every consultation is about both form and function: how do we design a space that is beautiful to look at but livable and organic, not overly designed or staged. Janet spent a great deal of time learning and understanding my aesthetic and my vision for how I hoped my home could look. She spent as much time considering my day-to-day activities so we could appropriately marry style with my lifestyle.... Having worked with Janet now for many years, I would say my home continues to evolve into the best version of itself: it is beautiful, functional, practical, and truly representative of me and my family.
— L. Allister, Brookline
Janet is one of the most talented interior designers I have had the pleasure of working with. She has picked out fabulous paint colors for my rooms and she also finds the perfect items to accessorize with. When she comes to put it all together, the rooms look incredible! Another quality I appreciate about Janet is that she always considers my vision for a room but adds her creative perspective and the end result is always beyond my expectations.
— MW
Everything looks so well put together and is so gorgeous – old things and new are beautifully blended for a gorgeous updated new look. Janet is so amazing and quick to find just the right [things] and arrange furniture to look so magazine-worthy! Perfect now!
— JH, Boston
We are SO THANKFUL for all Janet’s help with the house.  It feels so comfortable and is truly our sanctuary.  We feel like we have been here much longer than we actually have ... thanks to your help, we feel settled and the house feels so complete .... the house feels cozy, warm and welcoming – exactly as we hoped it would feel!  Many of our friends say ours is their favorite house.  Janet has an amazing eye and sense of space and color.  We continue to work with her on every project ... We recommend Janet highly.  You’ll be pleased with the results – beautiful, fitting your personality, and keeping within your budget.
— A. Cayer, Concord
I have had many years of experience with the services of JRL. Janet has helped me choose everything from paint colors and curtains, to more recently, helping with the logistics of what to take from my previous home to my current one and how it would all fit tastefully. She is very detailed and knowledgeable with design, color, layout , furniture and all else having to do with decor. I have reduced my stress level many times by putting my trust in her knowledge. It has been about 15 years since my first consultation with JRL, and many wonderful experiences since. I know there will be more to come!
— LD
JRL Interiors did a beautiful job providing us with a complete update to our master bedroom and bath. This was not a simple task in that we requested that several elements of the existing bedroom be integrated into a coordinated color scheme that included fabrics, upholstered furniture, paint, vanity finish, lighting, rug and window treatments. The final look and feel is perfect - better than we ever imagined!
— S. George