Re Nesting

Moving? Save money, time, and stress by allowing us to help you re-use or re-purpose your existing furnishings, treasures, and window treatments in fresh ways. Our expertise in space planning and design ensures that your belongings can work perfectly for you in your new home. This fixed fix package includes measuring existing furnishings and new spaces, providing floor plans of your new space re-using your existing pieces and incorporating any new purchases, and providing helpful documentation for moving day.

We can also

  • select paint colors and finishes,
  • select privacy solutions for windows and arrange for installation of any window treatments,
  • select fabrics and arrange for re-upholstery or slipcovering as desired, and
  • install and arrange your artwork and accessories to showcase them to the best advantage in your new space.
The plan saved both time and money … time in not having to fool around with room arrangements, money in being able to re-use almost everything I already owned … it was worth every penny!
— L. Dionne