Surrounding Yourself with Treasures that Mean the Most, Part 2

Are you up to your eyeballs in stuff? Even if you are not a candidate for the show ‘Hoarders”, we all need to de-clutter occasionally. Stuff, it seems, just creeps in and multiplies without conscious effort on our part.

organizing and editing your stuff
organizing and editing your stuff

Spring is around the corner and it is the perfect time for a clean sweep.

If you are getting ready to sell or preparing to downsize, there is no better time than now to start editing your possessions. Need help? There are professionals who special in organizing and in liquidating if you don’t have the time or inclination take on the task yourself, but only you can decide what is really important to you.  Editing down to just the best of the best is difficult and often emotional, but if you are planning to downsize it is critical. De-cluttering and downsizing is often very freeing.


Conventional wisdom on de-cluttering advocates the box or pile method: go through each space and sort into 4 piles: throw away, donate (or pass along to family members), sell, and keep.  When you are preparing to move to smaller square footage, the "keep" pile requires a great deal of thought.

hand painted armoire
hand painted armoire

Having a cohesive plan for what will make the move is essential. Planning not only from a ‘will it fit?’ space perspective, but also from a ‘will it WORK?’ design and scale perspective will save time and regret later on.  For example, suppose you have a favorite hand-painted armoire you are currently using for storage. It looks terrific in your home with the scale of things around it and in the room, but will it look good with different things? Or in a smaller room? Or with lower ceilings? Will the bulk of it make the whole room feel uncomfortably lopsided? Does it need to be balanced with furnishings or artwork on an opposite wall? Will it fit through the doors or up a staircase to get to it's new destination?  Just because it fits on the floor plan (and yes, you should measure everything and yes, you should have a floor plan!), doesn't mean it will be just fine as is. It might, or it might not. It may need re-thinking.  Can the doors be re-used on built-in storage in the new space or re-purposed as artwork so you can enjoy your favorite things about the piece without the bulk? Creative solutions are often necessary.

For help with strategic planning and creative solutions for your move, check out our ReNesting services.

What is the most difficult part of deciding what to take to your next house?

Surrounding Yourself with the Treasures that Mean the Most

Have you considered moving to a smaller space, but aren’t quite ready to part with your treasured belongings? You are not alone!

Janet Lorusso 5 13 entry 1
Janet Lorusso 5 13 entry 1

Downsizing is a popular trend right now and the reasons for it vary widely … sometimes it is empty nesters looking for less to maintain and more freedom to travel and enjoy newfound leisure time, sometimes it is the result of a life-change like loss of a spouse due to death or divorce, and sometimes it is a move from sprawling suburbia to more compact city spaces to be close to work or to all the cultural opportunities the city has to offer (or both!).

Though the reasons are varied, the goal is always the same: to arrive at a place that still feels like home and to be surrounded with the things you treasure most.

Here are the top 3 challenges to moving to a smaller space:

1.  Not sure WHERE to move to

While this is a perfectly valid reason, a little research can help – check out different neighborhoods and areas to find one that resonates with you, then connect with a real estate professional so you get informed when something comes on the market in your preferred location.

2.  Overwhelmed by the idea of sorting through your stuff

There are professionals to help with this, but you can start immediately by tackling different areas one at a time and sorting and organizing. Sorting can be painful and time consuming, but far less so than the pain of storing or moving things you won’t really ever use. The popular The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is an inspiring book on the subject of editing and organizing your belongings – even if, like me, you can’t buy into all of it, the premise is sound, and anything you can accomplish is a step in the right direction

3.  Worried about feeling at home with less of your stuff

Bringing the important things with you is the key – pictures, artwork, things with special memories attached. Thoughtful attention to the relocation of the things that make you smile every day is what will make you feel like your new space is truly YOUR home!

What’s the biggest challenge for you in considering downsizing or moving?

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